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The Tale of Father Dermot

A few of our staff went out for a drink, one night, where they stumbled upon the dishevelled figure of Father Dermot, wearing only a nun’s habit and clutching onto an empty bottle of Buckfast tonic wine. One of our crew sat down beside him and listened as he...


Touching base with Blackbeard, this Easter

It be a month since my last interference. I start this diatribe in a similar manner to a confession because we have just been through Holy week, not because I actually wish to confess to anything. Do not think me insincere when I say that...


Profanities at dawn vs Blackbeard

Things have moved on. The longest, most arduous month of the year has finally ended, and now it’s the time of the season for loving. Being the shortest month of the year, thankfully we haven’t time to get too bogged down with the ritual celebration of St. Valentine. My...

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